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Who are we?

Joshua Lindsey, B.B.S. Is the founder of Ready To Harvest. He currently is the Administrative Assistant at his alma mater, Master’s Baptist College and Station Manager at Heaven 88.7 Christian Radio, as well as being very involved at Fargo Baptist Church in Fargo, ND. He was been married to his wife, Heather, in November 2015.

The purpose of Ready to Harvest is growing as more information is created and added, but in the near future, we hope to be useful to the following ends:

1. To give valuable and unique information on many denominations of Christianity and other religions to enable Christians to understand them and their corresponding world views. This will in turn prepare Christians to better relate to those who hold such views and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. To provide resources on the doctrines of the faith, so that Christians will have useful materials for self-training and research, as well as material they can use to train and reach others.

3. To inform on the needs and situation of people in various countries and of various people groups so as to provide the knowledge needed to equip believers in how to pray for these people, and how to pray for missionaries, as well as to bring to the forefront the needs of these people so that they may be more in tune to God’s calling on their own lives relating to world evangelism.