When Will You Go?

Many people get the idea that God wants them to learn and grow in a local church forever. They have the idea of the church as a forest that they can get their roots down deep into, and continually grow and perhaps plant the seed nearby to keep growing the forest. But is this the Biblical plan?

Neal Irion preached this message when he felt the Lord’s leading to leave Fargo Baptist Church, of Fargo North Dakota.

What does the Bible mean when it says “Go ye?” You’ll be inspired and have your assumptions questioned when you let God speak to you through the potent question: “When will you go?”

I Believe God

Sometimes you will be in the dark. You don’t know God’s will. You want the answers. What will you do? Other times you have a schedule, but God changes your best-made plans. Sometimes you will have to face a lot of problems. You’ll feel like  it is time to sit down and rest. You’ll want it to be easier. And there will be times that people accuse you unjustly.

What will you do?

Brother Dan Schatz was called to follow the Lord and delivered this message before traveling to join with a local church in North Carolina. He shows us what the Bible tells us to have our cry at such times:

“I believe God.”

What about those who have never heard?

Why is it so important that we go and preach the gospel anyway? Are those who don’t here the truth judged on the truth they have? Do we really need to preach to every creature? Missionary Jonathan Cooley answers these questions biblically with a challenge to witness, and fulfill the great commission.

The Story of Salvation

Why did Jesus have to die? What if someone else died instead? Is the virgin birth really that important? What does the Bible mean when it speaks of adoption? What about original sin? And what does it mean to believe? All these questions and more are answered as Joshua Lindsey presents the Gospel from start to finish. You can know if you are saved, you can know if you are not, and it doesn’t boil down to what you said in a prayer.

Discover how it all fits together in “The Story of Salvation.”