24th January 2022


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Hello, I’m Joshua

I created the Ready to Harvest YouTube channel in November of 2014, without much of a vision for what the channel would become. In April 2015, I published a video on Rastafari, which gained 80,000 views over a couple of years. I wasn’t posting regularly to the channel, but the interest in this video brought an early base of subscribers. In early 2019 I posted a series of videos comparing various Christian denominations to independent Baptists, and by the end of the year I had my first thousand subscribers. The video to the left tells a bit more about the Philosophy of my Channel

In early 2020 I began posting videos each week, and have been doing so regularly since then. My topic is making videos on Christian Denominations, presenting them in an unbiased way, which I hope allows you to see that the information I give is credible. I noticed that there is a real shortage, both on YouTube and the internet in general, of content that compares or explains what various denominations believe. Most of what is out there either presents an incomplete or a biased picture that misrepresents what is really taught. Denominations research is difficult for this reason, but the final result of making these videos is rewarding as people let me know that they find them to be helpful.

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